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There is no place in the world you may find such a variety of furniture, lighting, and decoration materials as in Foshan, China.

Clients come to our office in China for a number of reasons, but the main ones are:

  1. Lack of opportunities in the local market to implement customer's unique design projects;
  2. In China, you save many times compared to buying in your own country, but at the same time, you buy a high-quality product. Our company has been engaged in professional selection of reliable suppliers for 11 years, we always strive for an optimal price-quality ratio and protect the interests of our customers.

For those who have always been interested, but did not know what our customers buy, HOW much it costs and WHAT design projects we have already implemented, we have launched a new video format - "Projects Cost Estimation"!

Our project manager Maria will describe to you about the furniture and other home products that our clients have purchased. After watching this video you will be aware of all the possibilities of furniture customization, take part in a detailed review of the product quality and see the photos of real interiors and its cost!

Buy furniture in China online. Project from the Uzbekistan. The cost of furniture in Guangzhou.

June 17, 2021

Buy furniture in china remotely. Project from the Hungary. The cost of furniture #4, pt 2

February 10, 2021

Buy furniture in China online. Project from the Hungary. The cost of furniture in Guangzhou #4, pt.1

January 21, 2021

Import furniture from China, Guangzhou. Project from the Cambodia part 2

November 24, 2020

Furniture from China. Project from the Cambodia. The cost of furniture in China Guangzhou #3, part 1

November 16, 2020

Furniture from China. Project from the Philippines. The cost of furniture in China Guangzhou.

April 7, 2020

Furniture from China. Customer from France. The cost of home furniture in China in Guangzhou.

March 11, 2020

Questions & Answers

How can I calculate the cost of my project?

To calculate the cost of the project, you need to contact us and send a visualization of your design project, photos or images of your favourite products to our e-mail or to our WhatsApp/Viber +86-186-7576-2020.

Do prices in the project include delivery?

The project specifies purchase prices, i.e. the price that the customer pays when he purchases the product. The cost of delivery and customs clearance is calculated separately, as it depends on the total weight and volume of purchased goods.

What are the guarantees you provide your customers with?

We sign a contract with each client, in which we specify in detail our guarantees, terms of cooperation and the cost of our services. Before shipment to our storehouse, we carry out quality control of 100% of the goods. We guarantee that we are fully responsible for: 1) mismatch of the actual product to the ordered one 2) any external defects and/or breakage 3) damage to the product during container loading 4) product shortage.

How do you select factories and suppliers?

When choosing products, our customers decide where to order, but we always recommend suppliers with an optimal price-quality ratio, based on previous shopping experience and feedback from our customers.

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